Welcome to Skilla!

Svenska skolan för synskadade (The Swedish School for Visually Impaired) and Speres is now Skilla (beginning Aug. 1st, 2015). Skilla is part of the national Valteri network of support for learning and teaching, which on Aug. 1st 2015, merged to the Valteri Centre for Learning and Consulting. Skilla is one of six units in Valteri.

All six units also have a Valteri School which provides comprehensive education.

There is no change regarding the pupil´s school attendance. The pupils of Svenska skolan för synskadade became pupils of Valteri School on Aug. 1st, 2015.

New is that we now accept students in need of Special Education who have other disabilities than vision as students as well from Preschool to Supplementary Education.

Valteri Centre for Learning and Consulting, Skilla offers expertise and consultancy for learning and school attendance mainly in the field of Hearing Impairment, Neuropsychiatry and Visual Impairment.

With our services – guidance, training and consulting – we complement the municipalities in providing general, intensified and special support and contribute to the students possibilities to get an equal education while attending their closest community schools. We offer continuing education courses for personal in the field of education.

Skilla is located in Helsingfors and in Vasa.

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